Tuesday, December 16, 2008

dreams of

I have a confession, I am not a HUGE fan of chocolate~
and I happen to be in the minority here at my house~
This morning, while I was explaining to the kids, that they didn't have school again today--
Shane said, Well, Mommy I believe in Chocolate, and in God--
(There was a Werther's commercial on TV, that said we should dream in chocolate--)
I was about to ask what Shane did believe about Chocolate-- the next thing I know-- Shane was praying and asking God to bring him chocolate dreams!~
Ah, the Joy in~ the things kids say!
Today was supposed to be the meeting for the 504--
but I guess that won't be happening... no school=no meeting?
I called the school and I am waiting for a call back!


hennhouse said...

So if it's not chocolate, what sweet things do you love (besides your kids!!)?

Anonymous said...

More waiting - not so good.

Chocolate - VERY good! (I only eat the dark kind - just a smidgen of healthiness in it.)

Merry Christmas!