Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mommy break

I took a Mommy day today--
We only have a few chores for the kids to do--
although I am thinking of making a bigger list...complete with sticker chart
Both, Jessica and Shane are supposed to be...
responsible enough to pick up their dirty clothes,
put them in their hampers and when I ask, bring them to the laundry room.
Well, although Jessica did pick up her clothes off of the floor-- she didn't bring them to the laundry room... and I didn't wash them-- hummmm...
So, Jessica didn't have any long pants this morning-- it's raining and a little windy so the Capri's she had put on would not of been acceptable-- so I decided to give her a consequence for her actions-- She wanted to go to school... and I wanted her to also... but since she didn't have her clothes to me to wash --- she is home with me.
And then I figured that Shane could just stay home also,
maybe not the best plan -- BUT, MY PLAN!

Tomorrow is the 504 meeting, and also grocery day ~
Any prayers will be accepted and appreciated!

1 comment:

hennhouse said...

that is SO different than how I handle those situations with my boys... When I saw the name of your post, I thought I was going to read about a fabulous trip to Nordstroms...

sending hugs your way... how did the meeting go?