Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happenings at the Harris House!

Shane wrote me a lovely note-- without any help or prompting from me!
It says I love you Mom, I love you mom, Mom I love you Shane!
I was going to take a picture of it to share-- but he did it in pencil on pretty paper and I don't think I can get it to show up! (And when I asked him to sign it -- he added a race track to it-- and two stick figures-- That's just typical of ~ Shane-- a little over the top)

Late last night the kids decided that the calculator is a fun thing-- they have been taking turns adding and subtracting numbers on the calculator~!

I asked Shane what he wanted for breakfast-- he said Calculator soup!
(He got cereal and the calculator was left in the other room-- babysat by his sister!)


Anonymous said...

Calculator soup!? That's brilliant! So cute, too!

hennhouse said...

He is so adorable! Don't you just love the unprompted outpourings from the kiddos?