Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spilled milk and then-honey,baby honey!

Do you know the phrase, don't cry over spilt milk?
Well, I do-- and After the last two days I have dibs on the T-shirt!

While at school Shane ...spilled his milk in his lunch, one of the teachers took his tray and dumped it, which only added to Shane's frustration, then it was time to line up-- not one of Shane's skills-- And off the two kinder classes were off to the gym for P.E.-- However, Shane was not being helpful -- he was on the floor having a Super duper melt-down- And during this "lovely" melt-down Shane's foot connected with his teacher and so -- Shane received a LEVEL 3 which isn't ...good.
Off to the principals' office for 5 minutes with his head down and then a short conversation about what Shane did wrong.
This all happened about 20 minutes before I was to pick him up - -and then I had to take him to therapy!
I also got notification from the school that Jessica was... accepted to be in an after-school program-- that although it sounded fun and "enriching" it would be 4 days a week until 5pm ! 5pm!
Let's just say that I didn't want my, first-born away from me for ANY longer than regular school.
I tried to connect with the principal, but she wasn't available until the next day-- (which was Tuesday, My dear hubby's' birthday)
Most of Monday night I spent thinking about all the things I could of done... and wondering just what would be next for us...
Honestly, I did think about pulling Shane out of school...
-- but then a glimmer of common sense kicked in.
I got Jerry off to work and the kids to bed, I tried to watch Dancing with the Stars to distract me from my sadness and misery! I slept for a short time and then I was awake at 2 and 3 am with overwhelming tears-- (I am not usually a girl that cries-- so this was not my "normal ")
In desperation I called my hubby, and whined, whined and cried!
God Bless my Dear, Dear Husband!
I was trying to be quiet and not wake the kids, -- but my dear child Jessica woke up to help comfort me... her poor overwhelmed mommy!
God Bless my dear,dear child Jessica!
Sometime near the dawn, my dear,dear son, Shane also came to "comfort" {steal the covers and any empty space...}
So, this morning I woke up feeling like a herd of water-buffalo's had used my body for a training ground.-- And now for my confession-- I started to think that I should keep the kids home from school and keep my head in the "sand". That attitude didn't last, Jerry came home from work and
got all of us up and moving, ....
I guess the lesson here is ~when in doubt ...gather the clan and move out! --
We all got in the truck and off to school we went! The kids were both tardy-- but they went quite willingly to class. Jerry and I got to walk down a long hallway to the ....Principal's office~
I have never been a quiet person, and so I opened with ...
I spent most of last night crying and I haven't had much sleep---

I can think back now --- that The Principal did a lot of reassuring me that this too would pass, and that this was only a small thing.-- It took a while for me to realize that Shane wasn't being punished, with intent to shame him-- but so that He would understand that he crossed the line of acceptable behavior.(I knew Shane was guilty of something when I picked him up, since he didn't want to meet my eyes, he just wanted to hug and squeeze me )

The principal was very nice about complementing us, and our parenting, she also shared with us how smart our son truly is-- She was involved with his reading test and she was VERY happy to see just how smart he is! I think I over used the word smart... ah well if this label fits...then so BE it!

At the end of the meeting,
we had a plan of action and
we have a 504 plan that will be soon created! YAY!!!!!!!
(Although, when I talked with the teacher I felt she was not as ...interested in creating new way to deal with Shane, but I am going to work with her and ... use a lot of prayer to keep my mouth in-line!)
I am going to catch this bee of a teacher with HONEY ...not vinegar!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

How funny because I am just about to post about meltdowns too!

Hugs! I know it's tough being a mom sometimes!

hennhouse said...

What an ordeal!! I hope things are better today.

Suzi said...


Sitting in my classroom on a Sunday, gearing up for the week ahead...Reading this reminds me to see things through the eyes of a parent when I'm making that phone call. Thanks.

You have wonderful kids and I still miss being Jessica's teacher!

Keep your head high because you are a WONDERFUL mom!