Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Mornings

When my kids were little, I talked with Jerry about the things we wanted the kids to watch on TV--
I was able to convince Jerry-- who really LOVES TV that some "cartoons" would not be appropriate for the kids to watch--
We don't get cable and we have no plans to --- I already waste enough of my life just watching "regular TV".
But, this Saturday, I did find some really nice cartoons on TV!
And I just wanted to share with all of you--

We often watch Qubo, I find that most if not all of their shows are Christian based.The kids really like the Zulu Patrol,3-2-1 Penguins, Veggie Tales, and all the rest-.
I happened to be on a different channel and I came across Kewlopolis-- There was a show called the Dino Squad-- Teenagers that can become dinosaurs! -- The kids had watched this show before and so I sat there with them to see why they might like it---
Today, there was an episode about bee's and one of the characters' who helped to solve the problem,just happened to have Aspergers' I was so impressed with how they treated this topic-- they showed how Aspergers' can be--and then they used that character who had Aspergers' to be the solution to that problem.
What a great message to get out to kids!
What about you? Do you know of any "good TV cartoons"?

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hennhouse said...

My kids don't watch television, although we did allow the olympics and always the Buckeyes! We've got penguins, veggie tales, etc... on DVD and we let them watch those. We (as in, mostly the two-year-old) also love the Signing Time series and Fat Albert (the original cartoon).