Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Castle for me?

A castle for me?

Shane and Jessica like to read books about a WIDE range of topics--Recently, I found a few books that were all about castles and forts--
While looking through the book-- I found the above web site listed---
go and check it out--- dream a little-- or dream big~
Can you imagine living in a Castle? I can-- really I can -- I would need a large helpful staff--

But, as I sit here typing this I think to myself would I really enjoy living in a castle?
the cold drafts,the constant upkeep, the heating bill,paying for the staff to help clean... etc. etc.

And now I am going out on a limb-- Do I as a mother,wife,sister,daughter
  • parent like a queen of my own castle?
  • love my family, but only after they have conquered the moat,drawbridge etc.
  • Show respect and consideration to family members, not because they are pledged to me-- but because they are apart of the family?
  • Do I extend the hand of friendship to the people around me--?
So, anyway--- I have let the voices in my head take over!
What do you think???
Leave me a comment--- I like to hear what you have to say!

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hennhouse said...

But it would be OH-SO-NICE to have your very own castle...!