Wednesday, July 23, 2008

People and Flexiblity

Quite a few months ago, we were having issues with our bank-- even when there was money in our account we were getting bounced check charges-- once our payroll check that was direct deposit was put into someone-else's account-- (who happened to bank at our bank and work with my husband~) So, I was trying to convince my husband to switch to my Credit Union for all our banking--
We had a check that my husband deposited in person on a Friday, and then had withdrawn money--
My husband and I assumed... that the money from that check was available for use-- and so we went on our day as usual! (It happened to be payday)
I went grocery shopping and found out that the money was not available via check card---
So, ~ The checker was really sweet and said, just write me a check-- She told me that she had been through this exact thing recently and that she understood!
Just yesterday,I went to the grocery store-- to buy some food--
and in my hurry to get gas,go home and pee-
(why is it that I always have to go pee and get gas all in a big hurry?---
Why didn't I plan ahead and pee before shopping?-- I didn't have the kids -- so the trip to the bathroom would of been quick- and quiet ~
[I think] no comments from my kids AKA the peanut factory! )
I left a bag of groceries behind-- the sweet checker, from the story above,
was the same one who helped me once again!
She was so helpful and sweet--- I have to say is was awesome
to deal with someone who was NICE !
It seems to me that people are all about the : get it done now, hurry up,don't get in my way--
Geez, what happened to waiting your turn and being willing to let others' go before you?
What happened to people being flexible?
Okay... thanks for letting me Rant~ that felt great!
Now , back to my favorite topic... the kids!
For about the last two weeks the kids have been -- well-- shall we say difficult? They were arguing about little things that normally they would do without question-- I had not figured out what was wrong, I was just praying that something would change-- (I thought that they were going through a growth spurt and so they... and I were suffering with "growing pains")
And it did!
The kids were with Grandma and Grandpa
for the weekend and although that is a post (rant) all by itself...
The kids came back on Sunday and WOW!
They were sweet,well behaved, loving and just everything you would wish for as a parent!


On Monday, Shane and I went to Therapy Solutions for Kids--
to see how Shane is or isn't having issues with Sensory things--
pardon, me -- but I must brag-- My Son Shane was SO well behaved during the visit,
which was a hour long--( I bet my mouth was on the floor! --)
He listened, he offered appropriate information, he followed instructions and
there were NO Tears, NO Whining, and NO complaining !
When asked to put his shoes and socks on he complied, WITHOUT complaint!
Shane is currently going to "summer school"~
Since it is summer the class is small-- but high energy-- there are I think 6 boys to 3 female teachers.
The lead teacher, Laura-- who has been his teacher since he started this program -- spends a part of each day talking with me about how Shane is/was -- and I keep her updated on how his day is/was.
It works well, for us to connect about Shane -- she often sees him do or say things that I don't get to hear. Yesterday, she told me "I asked Shane what he wanted to be when he grows up, "
he said "I want to be normal -- when I get big"
I was so sad to hear that,
it was like my son had a boo-boo that I couldn't fix, no band-aid would help~
Ah, the sorrow~
I plan to pray for some Joy~

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