Saturday, June 21, 2008


I love the view of these stone stairs-- should I go up, or down?

This wrong way sign was at the campground--
And the day we left this flagger ahead sign was in our front yard--
Little did I know!
Sometimes I feel like everyone else got the itinerary or plans--- and I didn't get a copy!
ah, well... I'll work on being receptive to the outside world~

We went camping, and really a good time was had by all, except...(mommy's high hopes!)
  • the camera
  • one zipper on the tent
  • and a chair
The camera,we have had since before Jessica was born-- so I guess it was time to -- die?
(Pardon, me while I hold back by anger and discontent at the camera for breaking while we were camping-- and when I had yet to take ALL the pictures I wanted to!}
The tent -- it has also been in our care for a long time-- luckily?--Only~ one of the zippers is completely off the track---(somewhat annoying!)(maybe...)
I thought that I would take some time, ALONE to read a book, while sitting in the sun trying to get a nice quantity of Vitamin D--- When the chair I was weighing down--- collapsed!
When we first got to camp the camp host made sure we understood that we were NOT to under an circumstances leave the fire alone-- if that had happened we might of been fined $500.00!
Jerry and Jessica were fishing, I was trying to get a nice bed of coals in the fire-- and Shane asked to ride his bike...
"Okay, but only as far as the numbers!" {Meaning the numbers labelling the site)
He ended up down in the other part of the campground near another lake-
- but-- riding with his flashlight!
Once I realized that Shane had gone further than I said, I called Jerry and Jessica back to watch the campfire --- and I got in the truck to go look for the little escapee!~
-- I wasn't 10 feet from our site when I saw the little "man" riding fast back to our site.
In my most authoritative Mommy voice I said,
"Get your bottom back to the site right NOW! Shane Harris"--
he ducked his head and rode quickly back to camp~
Since I had driven out of the site to look for him I had to drive around the loop to park the truck. I was very angry and scared, but I was afraid if I duct taped my son to a tree-- someone might take away my mommy license! So, I just explained why the bike was in time-out until the morning and then -- Shane and I would talk before it got to be used again.

aGh ~

But, however when we got home Jerry and Jessica helped put away stuff--Shane disappeared to play video games(Jerry's idea ...not mine!) Jessica got some practice riding her bike with out the training wheels, Jerry installed my new-to-me am/fm cd player in the KIA!(A late Mother's Day gift)

It could of been much worse-- but it seemed like a good trip-- all considering!

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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Looked like fun. Don't the cameras always seem to die at the worst times? I hope you get a great one next time that makes it all worth it and lasts til you have grandkids or beyond.