Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What does the future hold? Prayer, lots of prayer!

My dear husband took the time this weekend to replace the brakes on all four wheels-- on my KIA-- We found out later, I really didn't need new brakes, but instead a slave cylinder -- That part we ordered and it took 2 days to get here...(I got to drive the big, beautiful, new, gas hog truck while we were waiting for the part to come in!)

Shane wanted to be just like Daddy---

I think he spent a good 10 minute under his, "truck" WOW!

This time of year is always full of unknowns for me-
My dear, Miss Jessica was born at 33 1/3 weeks the day before Mother's Day---back in 2001
Since her birthday and Mother's Day are on the same weekend, yet again,
I am just waiting to see if I will be okay... I know that she is healthy and happy-- except for her one kidney that is just a little smaller than the other, but still -- I worry-- and I remember--That she was only 3 pounds 4 ounces at birth, and that she had to be given CPR right after her 3minute emergency C-section. Ah, the roller coaster of Life and Kids !
How do you explain to family members that just don't get it...???
Shane is very interested in the truth, and he doesn't do well with things that aren't real at the moment-- someone mentioned to him about something that they had, and that they wanted to show him, the next time he came to visit---= All Shane heard was that this thing was available to see and visit and -- now he wants to know just when will we go and visit this thing...

I dropped off paperwork to enroll Shane into school at the Dr.'s office *pause*
I am very angry.... *pause*
They have had this paperwork for two days, and only after my phone call to them last night--
did I find out that the paperwork won't be ready till NOON today!!!!!! GEEEZZZZZZ it's only four pages total, and if they fill out one I can just copy the information to the other! AGHHH!!!!
I am having them fill out two sets of papers since I don't know which school he is going to -- that way I am prepared for both.
I guess I am expecting more
from others than they are capable of ?????

Pardon me while I brag for a moment----
Do you know about the Global Day of Prayer???
Our church is hosting one day (May 9th)
of the 10 days of prayer in our area,
and I am beyond excited!
If you want more information about
the Global Day of Prayer, go to

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Childlife said...

I love the photos of Shane working on his car just like his dad -- so cute!

Hope you had a good Mother's day Stacey -- keeping you in my prayers. I know those milestones can be a little rough when you go through them... hang in there!