Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Happiness!

I may be a weird mom, but my kids and husband think I'm just right for the job!

I am happy to be mom, happy to be married~
*I wish there was less of me to love, but then again-- my bigger body makes way for a bigger heart- and that makes the world JUST right!
My list for the things I want -- is very odd--- but then most of me is -- odd and I don't mind a bit!
* someone else to wash my KIA, and clean it out
*someone else to clean-up after I make an AWESOME dinner--that everyone likes!
* a Kendall from amazon dot com--- it may have a price tag of almost $400.00-- but just think of the trees it will save
* a CD player for my KIA, and a cup holder that works on BIG cups--
*to go and buy another new bra, without anyone with me!
* some personal and emotional things that I am not ready to share.
* my kids to be AWESOME teenagers
* a maid that is willing to clean without judging -- and the money to pay her
* a personal trainer and the time to be whipped into shape--without worrying about where or who the kids are with
*my friends and family to know just how much I love and value them, even when we whine and complain to each other
* someone to fix my ugly foot so that I can once again wear shoes that show my feet

* My kids give me Joy in the littlest of things,
Jessica washing her OWN hair, Shane going out of his way to share his snack with Grandpa,
Jerry for saving the pickled pigs feet to eat when I am not Around!
Jerry may not officially be one of my kids,
but I know that even his own Mother.... thinks he is ODD!
he did eat a nutria-- that says a lot about the man I married...

* I am happy when they eat their dinners, and then say 10 thumbs up-- or more !
*I am happy when they let me finish at least one cup of coffee, without spilling !
*I am proud that I have beautiful family that I value above all else---

I am Thank full to God, for making it all possible!

Happy Mother's Day~

Now, if I can just get my husband to read and
commit all my wishes to his To-Do list--- Yeah right!

Recently, someone I talked with said that instead of writing
a to-do list she now writes a done list...
Can you imagine? Oh, the Joy of ...getting things done!
As my dear Grandmother Moore used to say, Think Good Thoughts!~
(put a positive spin on it and the wash will get clean!)

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Childlife said...

Great list :D Hope some of your wishes come true!

Well, I have my own 'wish' list for the day that I better get cracking on -- Happy Monday, Stacey!