Thursday, April 10, 2008

This and That - *-*

The camera had been in the car overnight,
and so it was a little foggy- -
but Shane was just too cute with his jammie shirt,
shorts and tool belt for a Detective boy!

These are some of the things in his tool belt,
there is even a harmonica, that Shane likes to call a xylophone!

Lately, it has been a battle to brush Shane's teeth,
so I said I would give him a
...Mohawk if he would brush his teeth, when I asked.
-- I used a water and conditioner solution to get his hair to stand up- -
Too bad you can't see from this picture!

I left Jerry with the kids for a while,
and when I came home...Jessica was in this... "outfit"-
- I think I might need to hide her if the Fashion Police come knocking!

The girl pulled feathers' off of her boas
and put them in her hair-- Does this mean she is a DIVA?--
I like to write this blog to share about my kids and our lives- -
If you have ever wondered, the address,
frogparenting -- is Fully Rely on God, parenting--
Because I must rely on ..."someone"
and God is the only person(spirit) who will always be with me~
There are many bible verses that illustrate this -- I can't ever pick just one
I took some funny pictures and I needed to share them!

I also got some alone time at the library and I checked out
Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis -- by Albert J Kearney
An introduction to ABA for parents teachers and other professionals.
```` I am only a mom with a high school education, and this wasn't an easy read-- I knew most of the information already, but the jargon is OVERWHELMING! The Author tried to make it easier to get-- but there are so MANY acronyms and such-- for the simplest thing.There weren't a ton of examples and that made it hard for me to digest.Although I bet this would be a great book to read and look back thru when creating an IEP plan that uses ABA.

And Also...
Understanding Regulation Disorders of Sensory Processing in Children-
by Pratibha Reebye and Aileen Stalker

So, far I am only a few pages into this one-- but I have already had some Ah, ha (like Oprah says ...) moments... I will be reading all about my son Shane- - And the weird thing is that I can see my cousin and her kids in this book-- WOW!

There are some other books that I got, but I want to see what the Sensor book has to say-- and then I will post about it, and then start some of the others!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I just want you to know that I plan on always being with you.... even if I have to haunt you....! Oh, I think I already do that. Muah! Guess who.

Childlife said...

Love the photos, Stacey! Shane just cracks me up with his mohawk and Jessica is the cutest little diva ever :)

Just Audrey said...

I love her diva outfit! lol Too cute!

jcbce said...

ok, those book titles scare me! They make my brain hurt...Love the diva-you know she is one for sure...and the mohawk-totally awesome, dude!