Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Pictures...I do it myself!

To the photographer at LifeTouch who took this photo, What were you thinkin?
I understand that you need to pose the kids in a certian way, I also understand that you have to frame the child --- but do you have to make them look like THIS><>?
I love my daughter and I think she ...just happens to be beautiful-- but I just don't understand how this picture came to be... Honestly!
It's bad enough that I have the proof-- I won't be spending any money to buy any more copies of this picture!
So, I guess I will get the kids looking cute...
and then take a "Spring" picture of them myself!

1 comment:

jcbce said...

She is cute, but hmmm...yep you can do it yourself way more appropriate. One more reason, girl!! :)