Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dull... nope I don't think so!

It really is never dull---

you may stop and think maybe it is--

but then Reality steps in!

gotta love that "Reality"

it's sooooo much fun!

On Sunday, I went to church full of good Spirit for the weekend, when our Pastor Dave, asked us to turn to the person next to us and pray for something that each might need, I couldn't think of ANYthing that I needed. (execept my friend Michelle and her family to get healthy) Since my sister-in-law was sitting next to me, we prayed mainly for her and their fiances~ We thanked GOD, for the blessings of our family and that we weren't...sick~ and then..

Tuesday-- Jessica stayed home

with a cough that just sounds BAD...

Today, her teacher even asked me to keep her home from school-- so that she can get better soon. Her teacher mentioned that there are many in the class with Kleenex on their desks-I even heard a rumor of walking pneumonia! AGHH!!! Thanks, but no thanks, I'll be keeping Jessica home and doing my best to beat this sickness to a pulp!

Since Jessica takes over the counter medicine *see picture above*
that is specifically for High Blood Pressure--however the dosing doesn't accommodate for small children have high blood pressure-- and the little insert suggests that by controlling the things listed below, a person can control their high blood pressure~

  • Obesity(Jessica is only 45 pounds)

  • Eating too much salt (I don't cook with it, Jerry won't let me)

  • Alcohol (oh, please...!)

  • lack of exercise (She is more active than most kids I've seen)

While I am sure that applies to most people who take this medicine... it certainly doesn't apply to my child! --- My mother's heart is hurt!

Thanks for letting me whine some....

I had plans for this weekend that will now be

on hold...instead it will be

all about helping Jessica rest her body

so that she can get back to school and "normal" soon!

I really wanted to post about Shane and his visit with the 4J school district, about my complaints with our PTO at Jessica's school~about waiting impatiently for my nephew to get BORN! -- However, I need to just put those things off until another time...!

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Childlife said...

Oh, so sorry you guys are sick too! Thanks for the prayers on our behalf, and we'll be sending some your way as well :(