Sunday, March 30, 2008

2 day ==What a day !

On the way to church this morning, Shane was telling me how, he doesn't need me to guide him anymore, that all he needs is Daddy and God.--- I answered back that
" God told me, I do need to guide him and with Daddy and God to help me,
Shane would be well "guided"."
Today, he seems to want to show his independence, and I am all for that, except that he wants the perks of a Mommy and none of the consequences of his in-actions!
I thought I would go to the fabric store today after church, what a ...BAD plan...
Shane and Jessica were happy to attempt to demolish the store, by "dancing" and sliding around-- I bet they made a cute picture, however, I was annoyed... and then when one lady in the store added her two cents, by saying, "But, mom they are just being kids...!" [I responded back, Yes, they are but I can just see the bolts of fabric come crashing down.]
When we got to the counter and the nice lady with purple hair was ringing up my purchases, I noticed that the patterns weren't 99cents --like they were yesterday
--Darn it... I had only planned on spending $5.00 or less --not $ 20.00 -- so I had to put the two patterns back . I was very sad and embarrassed!
Then my phone rang and the kids decided again not follow directions!
  • While driving, there were 3 cars that needed relief drivers! ---
  • They passed me in a bike lane,
  • they didn't follow the 4 way stop directions, and
  • they seemed to think that a turn signal is not always necessary!
AGH! wah, wah, wah!

I guess my prayers at church were of the wrong topic, I will sign off now and pray some on these topics, along with my anger at others and their lack of consideration for ME!

Can I get a little cheese, with my wine? After all we did... have Communion at church today!
++++the picture on the top is from yesterday,
the two on the bottom are from today+++++++++


Kristi said...

I am right there with the w(h)ine today. I would also be that mom hat the other people say "lay off the kid" and it makes me madder than I was before. We got out on the biles this weekend too for the first time of the year.

Childlife said...

Sorry you had an off day! :(

We've got plenty of them around here, too... believe me! So you're in good company! :)