Sunday, January 13, 2008

Staying Alive... ~

Ladies and Gentlemen...
Children of all ages~
My mother and I have returned,
we survived,
it was a Lovely trip but
Now we are home
and the new week has just begun!~
I only took 49 pictures so stay tuned for a post full of pictures!
I think a few people who know the whole story might read this,so
I will attempt to keep the voices in my head from taking over
and adding a ton of obnoxious comments that might anger and annoy some!
The weather in California was so beautiful, the vistas were spectacular, and the plane rides-- well ---
Just ask my mom... I was "entertaining...." never a dull moment with me... maybe a sharp word or two, maybe a bad smell (TUNA)
conversation was full of "super cool "; exclamations!
And getting patted down by a security guard in Oakland that was about the size of a garden gnome was... Funny! -- really it was kinda funny!
Getting to the airport was well... ummm... I am so glad my Mom only drives cars!
Did you know, that if someone buys you an airplane ticket, you must have the spelling of the travelers' name correct, or they cannot fly?
Yup... thanks to the Lovely Patriot Act that is soooooo special, I almost didn't get to go on my first plane ride!
But, my dear husband saved the day... I tell ya, it is a good thing to put your marriage certificate on the wall for all to see-- that way when you need it -- you have it!
It is really late, and I am ready to go snuggle up with my hubby, so untill I find some more time to update all of you this will have to hold you OVER!
Check back soon for more dramatic updates!

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