Sunday, November 11, 2007

I figured the gloves out!!!!!



with the "help" of my dear, husband...

I figured out how to put STARS on the black satin gloves!

I took a Mylar balloon, and I cut a ...bunch of stars out of the Mylar, I used simple clear tape on the front and the back to give the Mylar some stiffness. But, I had yet to figure out how to attach the Mylar star to the gloves, enter my husband..."Well,why don't you just use this, black, double sided carpet tape?"

Well... it worked, and so now all I have to do is figure out how to creatively shorten the fingers in one of the pairs of gloves~
(this will be intresting,[sarcasm...] since the each finger is rather tailored...)
Well, looking on the bright side,
I have till--- Christmas! (well a few weeks before, anyway!)
I wish there was a font that you could read and think sarcasm, Or a color that was camo, now that would be cool!
Today, while at church, our children's minister, asked me to start work on another project... details on that to follow!
I's nice to be needed?!

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