Thursday, October 18, 2007

Birth Control and other assorted things...

This evening while I was making dinner, I overheard the news that in Portland, Maine-- They are going to let 11-13 year old receive birth control!(Without the parents' knowledge!)

Just that statement made my hear skip a beat...!
I asked Jessica when she should have sex, and
she said, "When I'm an official grown-up..."
(like when she is 30 and happily married!)
Shane was listening as well, and he said, "Well, I want to marry my Daddy, " Jessica interrupted and said .."Boys can't marry boys...ewwww....yuck! "

I stopped what I was doing, and explained that having sex, can make a baby,-- and that is why they wanted to give the "pill" to teen girls so they won't have babies, Jessica said -- "But, you can't have babies, till you are married!"
I am sure this topic will keep coming up, but for now...
it seems like the kids are hearing and retaining what Jerry and I are trying to teach!

Before I was a Mommy, I always thought that the conversation about sex would wait till the kids were 11-13... With Shane and Jessica we have been talking about it since birth..., I hope that this helps to keep the door of communication open well past their teen years.

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