Saturday, October 13, 2007


Sometimes, I see the dishes in the sink and counter and I don't know how they multiplied with out me noticing. I keep wondering who is paying the sock monster to take away all of the "good socks..." --- Then, I take a break and join the kids outside.
The berries you see pictured are in our backyard, and even though they were dirty and germ, my son still wanted some ! (BOYS!) hummp!
Jessica is usually the one to find ladybugs and show them off, but today Shane found one, and it was nice enough to pee, in yellow and orange, on Shane's hand!
The little things that I see,hear and smell~
The berries in the backyard, still looking like a good snack, except the moldy ones..
Shane, saying to his sister, "Sister, do you want to share my snack with me?.."
This may sound totally weird, but I love to smell right behind my kids' ears, after a bath, Oh what JOY!
Shane loves to take the magnetic letters and "make words" on the front door...
today he spelled, FADZEGUAMC
and he told me, "Mommy, how do you spell that?",
I read the letters to him and then tried my best to pronounce it
He replied, "Mommy, I think that's a German word "
I don't speak German, so I don't know... but I am just impressed that my 5 year old,came up with such an interesting train of thought.
WOW, I guess I'm not bad at this ..."parenting thing!"

I remember when I was in the hospital for bed rest right before Jessica was born,there were so many things I had to ...endure, shots,blood pressure cuffs, blood draws,saving my urine, (what fun that was!)... Often just to get me thru whatever was happening I would chant to myself, Goody Gumdrops....Goody Gumdrops... It was my way of protesting what was happening, but letting the negative not get to me.-- Now that time has passed I think I need to find a new improved chant...

  1. This too Shall Pass
  2. Nanana na boo boo
  3. M I C K E Y M O U S E
  4. Just a Spoonful of Sugar, will make the medicine go down...
  5. I can FROG, I can FROG,I can FROG (Fully Rely On God)

Please, feel free to post your suggestions and comments...~


childlife said...

You're a super-most-excellent mommy! ...And I love that your youngest is on his way to becoming fluent in German! : )

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by The Ball. As for chanting through the tough times...I like the FROG one! Me? I usually sing the theme from The Smurfs.
La la la la la la la....

Kim @ TheBitterBall

Kathy in WA said...

How funny that he identifies "German" words. Sweet.

My crew loves to pick fresh berries. In July I round them up to go blueberry picking. That's my favorite. They're good for about 30 minutes. Ha!

Thanks for stopping by the blog. :)

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