Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shane's 5th ~ and other's

Shane recently turned 5--!!!!

Here is his new bicycle, complete with heavy duty training wheels!
We also went home with a new harmonica and a drum, a dress-up firemen's hat & a dress-up construction/builder hat.

Not only did we celebrate Shane's birthday,

and Jerry's birthday, but we Surprised Uncle Rick

and celebrated his early Happy 40th birthday!

We ate pizza and chocolate cake...
I don't know if Jessica
was sharing the cake,
or trying to steal a bite!?
Although it was tough keeping the secret from
our Uncle Rick it turned out well...
I am just happy to not be in the middle of any more secrets!


childlife said...

Happy birthday Shane, you little cutie you! Very cool bike : )

Jksmommy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shane!! Welcome to FIVE!!!