Thursday, September 27, 2007

Information that might help you, or someone else!

Buy lots of ear plugs!!!!!

{sorry ... both of my kids are a little cranky,
they have the head cold that I got last Sunday
and they are being grumpy and hard to be around!}
Maybe later... when they are sleeping
I will sneak into their rooms and take their pictures,
so that I know they are still sweet kids?!

When your medical insurance claims are denied, there is HELP!

SNAP Special needs Advocate for Parents. They teach you how to get the MOST of your medical insurance coverage to benifit your child.


National Disability Rights Network

They are a membership organization of the federally mandated protection and advocacy systems and client assistance porgrams for people with disabilities.


Are you dealing with IEP's and getting fusterated? Here in Oregon --

Oregon Parent Training and Information Center 888-891-6784


Well ... anyway I just like to pass on information that might just help others!

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